Kathryn M Downing, DProf, PCC, J.D., the Co-Founder and Principal of Galileo Coaching, is a certified Coaching Supervisor and a certified Executive Coach. She guides her clients with heart, connection, and experience using processes that are proven to deliver results her clients are seeking.

Her approach to supervision has emerged through her own experiences as a supervisee and as a certified supervisor.

She is passionate about emergence, acceptance, creativity, curiosity, resourcefulness, and learning through reflective practices including supervision. She is a committed traveler on the journey toward mastery.


Kathryn has provided group coach supervision for me over the past two years which has been invaluable. Kathryn brings a great balance of coaching and business experience as well as deep expertise and training in coach supervision. My supervision with Kathryn has allowed me to accelerate my coaching knowledge, confidence and skills. The group sessions allow me to practice my coaching and receive feedback and observations from both Kathryn and my peer coach. This has broadened my perspective and has allowed me to hone my skills real-time. I strongly recommend Kathryn for individual and group coach supervision.”

E. Swann. Vice President & Executive Coach